Affricates These syllables join concordants which most often suffer on the letter, opposed on signs: sonority dullness on the example of explosive lip concordants п ; softness hardness on the example of nasal concordants of m, m; an education place on the example of explosive, д; place and way of education on the example of affricates of c, h, shch.

Affricates are shown in syllables for their distinction among themselves and with their components.

Inspection joins direct syllables in which alternation of these concordants is presented, and alternation of couple is given several times, every time among syllables changes an order of their following.

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Cars what

Cars what To explain a difference in these values words.

Select exercise, call, remember: Finish offers pick up and call as much as possible slovpriznak and slovdeystviye.

Cars what happen?

automobile, cargo, sports.

Planes what happen?


Trains what happen?


The car that does?

goes, rushes, brakes, stops.

The plane that does?


The motor ship that does?


Call exercise in a word: Finish offers.

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And it is impossible

And it is impossible Examination of active grammar is, as a rule, conducted on material of the spatial pretexts which are conditionally allocated in some groups according to sequence of their formation in ontogenesis: in, on, under; with, from, over; to, from, Izz, izpod; for, before, between, through, near.

And it is impossible to accept this sequence as unique.

The logopedist as to the specialist in the childrens speech needs to remember that there are various individual strategy of formation of speech activity at children.

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That the child

That the child The child himself will choose what of two cases he would like to make during a week.

That the child did not forget about homework, think up weekly encouragement which he has to deserve, having performed a task a certain number of times.

This number should be increased gradually until he begins to perform work daily.

Give to the child seven kartinokembly on which spoons, dustbins or chtonibud another are drawn, let him store pictures at himself.

Every day when the child performs the work, allow it to paste one of emblems in the table.

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Approximate. II stage. Diagnostic. stage. Analytical. IV stage. Predictive. V stage. Informing

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